KDC Design Consultants
6 Jalan 14/7, Seksyen 14
46100 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
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Longitude / Latitude 3.1066, 101.6378

KDC was established in 1984 as a professional design house with a specialist blend of creative and marketing skills, dedicated to providing effective solutions to your creative and design needs.

Over the years, we have accumulated invaluable experience, and much of our success today can be attributed largely to the close rapport we build with our clients to identify their needs.

At KDC, visual design is both a science and an art, but it has one single function - the concept or design must convey your message or brand identity.

We use thoughtful, creative solutions to acccomplish your desired marketing or brand objectives.

We believe that good design communicates with universal effectiveness.

Consistency and commitment to service are integral keys of our work. Today KDC is one of the few design consultancies that is able to offer a complete range of design capabilities specialising in the area of brand identity, wayfinding and signage.

Let us make design work for you!